Jewelry Of Heaven Steve Myrick

photo by Steve Myrick “Jewelry  Of Heaven” Lucy Vincent Beach Martha’s Vineyard 2014

 I skirt around the waters edge

longing to be part of her

and yet squeamish at her touch


already she knows me too well

I am afraid to leave her

yet afraid to stay

why must her pinprick stars torture me so?

those tiny jewels of heaven so perfectly piercing

her effervescent waves lap my toes begging me to enter her and I do

almost against my will


her emptiness envelopes me

and I am tortured no more

the wealth of her genius lies in her secret knowing

how softly to touch me

how long to hold me

and when to let me go


jewelry of heaven perfume


Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery’s Exquisite Perfume Jewelry of Heaven can be purchased here

Notes: Organic jasmine grandiflorum and Turkish and Himalayan roses intertwine in a deep, meditative perfume – as languorously sensual as it is serene. This unabashedly beautiful blend is created in a base of Queen Nefertiti and Red Rose infused alcohols.

My Experience: Perfumer Laurie Stern’s Jewelry Of Heaven touches one’s inner base of knowing what beauty truly is. Without excessive fanfare Jewelry of Heaven unfolds perfectly on the skin allowing the sensuous deep floral aromas to reach their full potential in about an hour, and last deep into the day or night. As the name suggests Jewelry is a perfect scent adornment and perfect for any woman, age 14-104 . 


edp purrfumery

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has just unveiled their new line of eau de parfum scents – luscious, highly dosed versions of their Signature and Limited Edition perfumes – in the most adorable 4 ml and 15 ml spray bottles! Each eau de parfum arrives tucked in a velvet pouch adorned with flowers and its own custom Victorian scent card. 

Why eau de parfum, you ask? Laurie heard from clients that they were looking for beautiful, affordable luxuries, and she responded with these gorgeous scents! Perfume lovers have also wanted to see Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery in retail stores. Velvet and Sweet Pea are thrilled to announce that their eau de parfum line and their super-popular Kittylicious scents are now available for retail sale.

Go ahead, inhale deeply! Purchase Here Type LEAPINGBUNNY at checkout and receive 15% off your order


A Poem For Songbird

My Songbird sings of beauty past

of her home in the mountains where rare boronia flowers grow

where nutmeg trees glisten in the morning dew,

alive with sparkling spider webs in the cats hair rain

she loves me she tells me

and she wants to take me there

to show me all the secret places she used to know

the hiding places her little bird body squeezed into

and the orange blossom cups she used to drink from

she sings to tell me how much she yearns for the scent of cinnamon in the jungle 

and to say how it lives inside of her forever

Songbird sends her song to the stars

she turns her suffering into art for the angels to wear as necklaces

her jeweled notes become rainbow gems around their slender throats

twinkling into eternity

I am yours forever she sings

I am the song of the little ones

the lost and tender

the old and weak

I am yours to love if you will

and yours to comfort you if you let me 

I am ancient, I am today, I am in your heart, I am your song, sing me!

Monica Miller 2014

Songbird Perfume and Eau De Parfum contains: rare boronia, antique Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom, frankincense, sandalwood…and many more pure botanical essential oils and absolutes. Songbird is a sweet juicy scent that uplifts your spirits and gently unfolds to reveal a sensual complex underbelly. Vibrant and alive Songbird will comfort, support and reveal depending on your mood.

The story of Songbird- in Perfumer Laurie Stern’s Own Words

About 14 years ago I was making a custom perfume for a friend and I had her smelling scent strips of my many aromatic treasures. I had a pile of the ones she loved and another pile of the ones she didn’t love. After making my notes on the ones she loved , I picked up the pile that were not her favorites and sniffed them just as an afterthought.  I loved it! Instead of working on her custom perfume, I was much more compelled to start playing with the rejected pile. I worked on it for a few months and was delighted to come up with Songbird! It was spring and the songbirds were singing wildly outside the Purrfumery window and I was listening to a lot of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams on my CD player. It has rare boronia, antique Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom, frankincense, sandalwood and many other essential oils and absolutes. I actually presented her this perfume and she went crazy over it! She’s gone through several ounces of it by now and we laugh about it. I still haven’t made her other perfume!

I like the idea of making something beautiful out of rejection or so called failure.  Also trusting my intuition and knowing that nothing gets thrown away ( metaphorically), because it’s all part of the delicious process.

I hope all of this makes sense to you! I probably wear Songbird the most of any of my perfumes, I love it’s juiciness and it always lifts my spirits.


gino duarts pond

Photo Credit: Gino Mazzaferro 2014 “Duarte’s Pond” Martha’s Vineyard

The big event, long awaited by Scorpios and those with planets in Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, occurs on December 23 when Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius. He brings a new list of lessons for all of us and puts the pressure to behave and do it the right way to Sagittarians, Geminis, Virgos, and Pisces, and to those with important planets in those signs. He will test your beliefs and skewer your rigid views on politics, religion, and international events.

Jupiter turns retrograde for the first time since he entered Leo last July. It’s time to review the advances you’ve made, especially in your artistic work and in your romance.

Tension builds as Pluto and Uranus square off close to the Sun of the USA chart. Mars ups the ante and pushes the conflict between the status quo and the desire for change.

December 1 – Moon in Aries. The month starts off like a horse bolting out of the starting gate. It’s a good day to get things done, as there’s plenty of energy to keep you going. You won’t let anything stop you as you gallop along at an even pace. You don’t have the patience to wait for or pander to anyone else.

December 2 – Moon in Aries. Keep going and use today to put your ideas in motion. It’s the day to start projects and apply for a new job or send in an application. Do what will help advance your career or lifestyle. You have the courage to be bolder than usual and the confidence to sell yourself. Keep your anger in check though.

December 3 – Moon in Taurus. Today is a good day to start your holiday shopping. You’ll do best when you can see and touch the items you want to purchase. Take advantage of these last two days when Mars is in the sign of Capricorn and giving you good concentration and patience to take the next step on your long-range plan. It’s a day to indulge yourself and eat your no-no foods.

December 4 – Moon in Taurus. Venus and Jupiter make you lucky and generous so those around you are also lucky. You can do smart things to increase and secure your money. The Sun and Uranus want you to be flexible as they offer opportunities that are outside your imagination. Mars enters Aquarius tonight and you become a bit more idealistic and less practical.

December 5 – Moon in Gemini. Thinking and communication become more important than doing. It’s a good day to have meetings and share ideas. Write out your thoughts and take a move towards getting what you write published. The Sun and Chiron join hands to help you heal old wounds. Make amends to others and to yourself.

December 6 – Moon in Gemini. Today’s full moon will stimulate your mind. It is a good time for learning something new and enrolling for a course of study. Try taking classes online. Shop for books, ereaders, magazine subscriptions, and videos. Visit siblings and friends who feel like family. Participate in a group mediation and/or yoga class. Do breathing exercises.

December 7 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 12:34 pm. Enjoy the morning papers and news programs. You’ll feel the pull of home and family in the afternoon making it a good day to do any home repair or final preparations for Winter. Bake cookies and other homemade gifts. Gather the family for a big dinner.

December 8 – Moon in Cancer. Jupiter turns into retrograde motion and begins to reduce the tension you’ve felt about who you are. You’ll be sensitive to the clues and hints that rise from your unconscious.  The Sun and Mercury meet and show you the way to put your thoughts into action. You can synthesize your ideas and form a creative way to act on them.

December 9 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 7:14 pm until 10:14 pm when it enters Leo. Shop for cookware, order food baskets, linens and sheets, and anything for the house and kitchen. Use your intuition to understand any sticking points you encounter in your dealings with people. Don’t be hurt by other’s blunt words.

December 10 – Moon in Leo. Venus enters Capricorn to give you some fiscal restraint on your holiday shopping. She insists that you buy things of value that will be of use. You are feeling generous and can get a majority of shopping done today and tomorrow, especially for toys and gifts for the kids. It’s a day to be happy and help others feel good.

December 11 – Moon in Leo. Use the optimism, enthusiasm, and confidence that this fiery day brings to do something big. Be bold and take giant steps to create a bright future. Bring this feeling of creative excitement into your work environment. Stay in the moment as you make today a day to remember.

December 12 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 10:19 am. Clean up any mess made by the exuberance of the last couple of days. Mercury flows with Jupiter and the words pour out of your mouth and hands. You could waste this energy in conversation and idle chatter or you could harness it and write what’s been percolating inside your mind.

December 13 – Moon in Virgo. You’ll be organized and can follow down your list and get most of the shopping done today. Shop for useful items like tools, vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers, gadgets, communications devices, computers and printers. You have the focus to find the best prices. Make plans for Winter escapes.

December 14 – Moon in Virgo, VC 9:11 pm. It’s one of those lucky days when the Sun and Jupiter dance together and give you pathways for opening up your life. Think of expanding like a balloon. Do something that is out of bounds and beyond your comfort level and see how good it feels to do it. It’s a good day to face fears.

December 15 – Moon in Libra. Uranus and Pluto have another meeting and show you issues that are still unresolved. You have to look at your need for freedom and spontaneity vs. the security and stability of being within a structured environment. You have to face that you can’t go back and have to stay aware and be ready to move as things crumble around you.

December 16 – Moon in Libra. Yesterday should have shown you which relationships need to be nurtured and which ones to be ended. Call someone you’re not speaking to and make peace. Today is a good day for office parties and social celebrations. Mercury enters Capricorn to make your thinking more precise and logical.

December 17 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 9:52 am. You want to have the next few days to yourself. Pick a project that you feel passionately about and go do it. Tell people you’re very busy. Try to come to terms with any underlying anxiety that disturbs you. You can offer good psychological advice to friends in distress.

December 18 – Moon in Scorpio. You’ll feel more measured and less extravagant when you shop today. Buy knives, security cameras and alarm systems, books on psychology, lingerie and sex toys. Let of any power struggles you are involved in. Don’t let emotions overwhelm you and stay centered.

December 19 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 4:11 pm until 4:55 pm when it enters Sagittarius. Finish up the week’s work and put things in order so next week runs smoothly without much effort. You don’t want to be interrupted so put up the do not disturb signs, both literal and metaphorical. Once you leave work you won’t want to look back so do as much as you can.

December 20 – Moon in Sagittarius. Venus is busy on this last full day of Scorpio. She wants you to take sudden action and break free from the restraints that your love life puts on you. You have to balance your need for hot passion vs. the value that a commitment gives you. Shop today, not tomorrow, for sporting gear and outdoor clothing.

December 21 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 7:35 am until 8:25 pm.  The Sun enters Capricorn at 6:03 pm. Uranus stops and turns around to start going forward. This is a big day of transition with unstable energy and it’s best to let the day lead and not try to follow an agenda. Put aside anything where you value the outcome until tomorrow. Get out and do some winter sports.

December 22 – Moon in Capricorn. Get the whole week’s work done today. You also need to do tomorrow’s important tasks. Today is the last day with Saturn in Scorpio. It’s a good day to end something and admit where you must give up since you can’t get around the obstacles. It’s a serious day and one best spend doing significant work, both the inner and outer kind.

December 23 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 9:52 pm. Saturn enters Sagittarius 11:33 am. Take the day off if you can. You won’t get much done. There’s a big energy shift happening as Saturn moves from a water sign to a fire sign. It will rock the foundations of your belief system. Be careful with Christmas trees and lights and other potential fire hazards.

December 24 – Moon in Aquarius. This may be the year when you change the way you do the holidays as you invent new traditions. This is not a warm fuzzy, remembering the childhood joys kind of moon. You’re more apt to feel impatient with routine and opt for the electronic light up tree rather than the green kind. It’s a thoughtful day.

December 25 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 10:11 am. You may have to make an effort to be affectionate with the relatives you don’t really like. Mercury meets up with Pluto to dredge up truthful but uncomfortable facts. Be tactful and deflect conversation to more appropriate topics. Have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas.

December 26 – Moon in Pisces. You feel more of the holiday spirit today. Extend the good will and visit shut ins and elderly friends and relatives who can’t get out. Bring some joy to a nursing home or hospital and bring gifts you’ve received that you want to pass on.  Make your year-end donations for 2014 tax credits. Find time to just sit and appreciate all you have.

December 27 – Moon in Pisces, VC 10:44 am. Let go of any schedule or even plans you might have made. Today is a day to coast and glide and do what calls to you. It’s a good time to take a yoga or mediation workshop. It’s a great day to give yourself permission to do nothing. Be as flexible as you can to glean the most enjoyment out of the day.

December 28 – Moon in Aries. You’re ready to get out on your own and work off some of the energy that you built up over the holiday. Play with your new toys. The Moon and Saturn are in fire signs and give you plenty of energy to charge ahead. You need to do something new and not routine. You need some excitement.

December 29 – Moon in Aries, VC 7:46 pm. Keep active and try to burn off some calories. It will be hard to stay still, so keep on the go. You can put your new ideas into action and start a project. This is the day to do the things you’ve put off doing. You will be impatient but think before you act, if you can, when you encounter obstacles.

December 30 – Moon in Taurus. If you are in the mood for shopping, you’ll find some great bargains. Review your financial situation and see what you want to change for the coming year. Your thinking on this matter is sound and practical. Give more donations to charities. Invite friends over, or to go out, for a big dinner, to thank them for their friendship.

December 31 – Moon in Taurus. The year comes to a close in a down to earth and sensuous fashion. The last contact the moon makes is with Jupiter, telling you to forget your diet and indulge yourself as you celebrate, even though you will have to pay for it tomorrow. Buy a new plant to symbolize the New Year.

All text by Arlan Wise, Astrologer


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When you were four

and I was three

we licked each others faces

and giggled (we did)

you had chocolate fingers

and I had vanilla

courtesy of Cadbury’s cookie fame

we delighted (was there any other way)

in our delicious differences

innocence and children and chocolate

combined in sticky bliss

Monica Miller 2014

Opus Oils recently launched a brand new scent collection called the Chocolate Love Coffret. It consists of 4 decadent delicious fragrances, White Chocolate Delight, Dark Chocolate Royale, Violet Lilac Dream and Raspberry Rose Rapture described below. I am completely mesmerized by these fragrances (that means they are good, very very good)..deciding on favorites is hard and I may have to go with “whole collection” on this occasion. I really really love them all. The White Chocolate stood out for me at first testing as it has a floral spicy chocolate richness that is just tooooo deliciously sexy. But on second testing the Dark Chcolate is just as lovely… and different..dark pure chocolate, bittersweet with woods and resins. You will want them all! The Raspberry Rose Rapture is just like an enrobed chocolate raspberry fondant that you might find in the very best boxes of assorted chocolates and Violet Lilac Dream is the same if violets and lilacs were made into a fondant (they should be) All of the chocolate perfumes are amazing animals and deserve your full attention. Truly a masterwork collection.

WHITE CHOCOLATE DELIGHT – Decadent, Sweet & Indulgent Creamy, & Delightfully Delicious, With a Soft Musky Vanilla Dry Down That Is Positively Voluptuous

DARK CHOCOLATE ROYALE – Mysterious, Dark & Sultry A Swoon-worthy, Addictively Sexy, Rich Dark Chocolate Liquor Nestled On Top Of Deep Amber & Dark Woods & Hints Of Otherworldly Ambergris

VIOLET LILAC DREAM – A Luscious & Mysterious Delicacy  Sweet Lilac & Candied Violets Are Caressed By Creamy Chocolate With A Ginger Sugar Twist

RASPBERRY ROSE RAPTURE – Luxuriously Rich & Seductive
A Mouth-Watering Blend of Marc de Champagne, Juicy Red Raspberries, Heavenly Rose Absolutes (Moroccan & Bulgarian) & Decadent Chocolate That Is Simply Irresistible…

 Sample ALL of the chocolate perfume collection by Opus Oils Here


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