which way scarecrow

today I met a man who photographed signs

I didn’t think much of it at first

we are all taken up by various pursuits

small obsessions

but then I thought

what is a sign? A symbol of direction

of goal, of pursuit itself

knowing how much my curious brain loves a magical symbol

the more esoteric the better

it led me to believe that sign hunting was not so uninteresting after all

and not so dissimilar to my own passion for the meaning behind the sign

I came to understand that symbols are drawings of actual experiences hard to explain by other means

unless you have had them (the experiences)

I love that

and so why not?

make a catalog of signs

a kabbalah stairway to Heaven in real time

and why not catalog a treasure hunt of scent at the same time?

starting with the scent of burning leaves

burning leaves

The Scent Of Buring Leaves by Christopher Brosius Perfumer, Brooklyn NY, CBIHP 

burning leaves perfume


Nepal Heart Beat 2

Photos Heart Beat Nepal

May is an earthy month with Venus ruled Taurus in charge for the first there weeks. Enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 at 13 degrees of Gemini. When Mercury is retrograde in a sign he rules (Gemini and Virgo) the effects are magnified. It’s going to be a rough ride if you don’t get your car, phone, computer or any other communication or transportation device fixed before Mercury turns retrograde. The underlying theme is “What is the meaning of the connections in my life?”

The area of your chart that contains 5 – 13 degrees of Gemini is where you will feel the need for examination and review.

 Nepal Heart Beat

Even though it will soon leave the top of the news stories, the devastation in Nepal will continue for a long time. Be generous and contribute as much as you can to reputable aid organizations to relieve the suffering and help with the rebuilding.


May 1 – Moon in Libra. Venus rules the day and Jupiter is smiling. Open your heart and your eyes to let beauty enter. It’s a good day to start any business related to art, clothing, jewelry, flowers, or decorating. It’s also a day when you can find a way to make a peaceful and fair settlement of any longstanding grievances. Plant flowers and flowering bushes.

May 2 – Moon in Libra, VC 10:03 am. Get out early to do your shopping and then enjoy this lovely day. Visit an arboretum or botanical garden to appreciate the beauty of plants. Take a walk and delight in nature at her best. Buy some art or photographs to liven up your walls. Do something special with your partner to show your love and admiration.

May 3 – Moon in Scorpio. Today’s full moon helps you experience the spirituality in Nature. Find a place outside where you can just sit for a while and quiet your mind. If you can’t get out, examine a flower and see it’s essence in great detail. Saturn and Mercury meet to help you focus your words. They will assist you with any editing you need to do.

May 4 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a fertile day for planting seeds and ideas. Choose a project and put your all into doing it. Luck comes in proportion to the effort you put in. You may not be able to move as fast as you’d like but don’t get discouraged. It’s a day to choose quality over quantity. It’s a good day to plant berry bushes and corn.

May 5 – Moon in Sagittarius. You can be confident about selling your work, your art, and your ideas. Look for a new job if your old one is not right for you. Send in applications to places where you want to study. Make travel plans to go to far away places where you’ve never been. Get some exercise by mowing and weeding and getting the soil ready for planting.

May 6 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Pluto have a pleasant meeting and they want to take you on a ride into the future if you will let them. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you no longer need. It’s an earthy day when you can achieve some solid achievements and move closer toward your goals. It’s a day to have practical dreams.

May 7 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 1:51 pm until 2:16 pm when it enters Capricorn. Venus finishes up her trip through Gemini and moves in to Cancer tonight. Buy books, download some onto your e-book reader, make phone calls, text and email friends. When Venus changes signs you won’t feel as outgoing. You’ll want to work late into the night and make decisions as to what to do during Mercury’s retrograde period.

May 8 – Moon in Capricorn. This is one of the best days for working and getting things done that you’ll have all month. If you have a firm foundation then you will want to take that next step up your career ladder. Set up a schedule for the next few weeks and for the summer’s workload. It will feel good to come home tonight.

May 9 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 4:35 pm until 7:22 pm when it enters Aquarius. Do your weekend planting today. Plant ornamental shrubs and trees. This is a good moon for pruning and grafting, and you can use that as a metaphor for other things you need to do. Put off resting until tomorrow and work hard today. Your imagination sends you to interesting places.

May 10 – Moon in Aquarius. This is rather cold energy for such a sentimental day. It urges you to give Mom the latest in computer and communication technology, or a lesson in how to use it.  Upgrade your software and think about what you want for your next phone, tablet, or computer. Get a jump on doing tomorrow’s important work.

May 11 – Moon VC Aquarius. The best thing you can do today is to think. Mercury turns retrograde in a week so decide today what you must get done before then and what projects you want to finish up during his retrograde travels. It’s a good day for doing inner work and healing an old emotional wound. Mars enters Gemini to let you do many things and explore matters of the mind.

May 12 – Moon in Pisces. Even though it may be hard to focus, you want to apply yourself to the tasks that need to get done. You will be distracted by the beauty around you and will have to resist a tendency to drift off into reveries. It’s a fertile day so do some planting in your free time and let it relax you. Listen to the plants as they tell you where they want to be.

May 13 – Moon in Pisces, VC 12:55 pm. Start early so you can get a lot done before the Moon goes void. Let your intuition choose your priorities. Meditate to get answers to a problem that is bothering you. Spend time by water. Go out this afternoon and do an act of kindness. Give your energy, love, and money to someone who needs them.

May 14 – Moon in Aries. Charge through the day like a horse running a race. Today is the last workday when you can beat Mercury as he prepares to turn retrograde. Meet any obstacles head on and push though them. You don’t want to wait for anyone to catch up to you, as you really have to get a lot done today since tomorrow is a void-of-course Moon day.

May 15 – Moon in Aries, VC 8:03 am. Mars opposes Saturn to make you slow down and reconsider the direction you’re heading. Stop and ponder over everything you are doing. You will have to choose one course of action and follow one path instead of meandering through the woods. You’ll do best finishing up the work you care about most.

May 16 – Moon in Taurus. It will be a lovely weekend to garden and spend as much time outdoors as you can. The energy is weak with the waning moon so save your seeds for later in the week but concentrate on getting the soil ready. Clear, cultivate, and cut wood. There’s a romantic aura in the air making it a good day for showing your loved one how much you appreciate him/her.

May 17 – Moon in Taurus. It’s the perfect lazy Sunday. Slow down and make this a day to rest. Meet friends for brunch. Splurge on your favorite foods and forget your diet for a day. It is the last day when Mercury is facing forward so take care of important paperwork and phone calls. It’s the dark of the moon tonight  – do a fertility ritual in the moonlight.

May 18 – Moon in Gemini. Mercury turns retrograde at 9:50 pm. He is standing still all day and is unable to deliver your messages. You’ll feel like you are in stop and go traffic and can only get short tasks accomplished. Today’s new Moon happens in Taurus in the early hours of the morning. He sets up a month when you want to appreciate and enjoy Nature.

May 19 – Moon in Gemini, VC 1:57 pm. Start getting used to double-checking all you write and type. Reread your emails and texts before you hit the send button. Today is prime for making those kinds of mistakes, especially in the afternoon. You’ll be moving fast and having a hard time settling in on doing one thing. Don’t believe everything you hear.

May 20 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 9:56 am. Today and tomorrow are exceptionally fertile days for planting. Today is a bit better as it’s the last day of earthy Taurus. Take advantage of Taurus practicality and sense of value to shop for things for the yard and house, for clothes and art, food and kitchen utensils. You can find bargains today in thrift stores and tag sales.

May 21 – Moon in Cancer, VC 8:36 pm. The Sun enters Gemini 4:45 am. This is a big transition from earthy energies to mental ones. It makes the energy of the day unstable. Venus stands opposite Pluto and they help you to realize what is real and what is motivated by anxious feelings. You want to examine your relationship and take a good look at your financial situation. Keep planting.

May 22 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 5:42 pm. Finish planting today as the weekend has a barren moon. The Sun stands opposite Saturn, the first time since Saturn is in Sagittarius, and you get a cold hard look at the bottom lines in your life. It’s the prefect day to downsize. Clear out things that have been sitting around and have become clutter.

May 23 – Moon in Leo. It’s a weekend to have fun and party, but not plant. Do your errands today, as it’s a bit better for doing chores. You will feel generous and want to buy presents for friends and family. Keep your purchases to the less expensive items like outdoor toys for the kids. Get out in to the sunshine if it’s there. Smile and be happy.

May 24 – Moon VC Leo. This is the day to lie around like a lazy lion. Put in some serious time in the hammock. Have an all day picnic party. Let your obligations slide until tomorrow. Allow yourself to have a true vacation day. Remember those who have done brave deeds and be thankful for your blessings.

May 25 – Moon in Virgo. Your mind has left party mode and you’ll be thinking of what needs to be done. Venus and Uranus give you insights about how to balance the needs of family vs. your desire for independence. They want to introduce you to someone who can act as a catalyst for change. It will be useful to have conversations with friends so you can toss around ideas and play with your imagination.

May 26 – Moon in Virgo. Today is the day to get re-organized. Go back over what doesn’t work well and retrofit. Get rid of what you’re not using and recycle. Listen to your intuition about what to keep and what to dump. Re-organize your files, your closets, and your schedule. Do tomorrow’s work today but don’t start anything new.

May 27 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 5:42 pm. A VC moon in Mercury’s sign during Mercury retrograde makes for a day where you have to let things unfold instead of makings things happen. Your mind is buzzing with ideas that you can’t act on but should write down for future use. There’s a tendency to gossip so watch your words as they flow out of your mouth. Calm down and go to a place beyond words to access healing energy.

May 28 – Moon in Libra. It’s a day for thinking and planning, contemplating and envisioning. Redecorate your home and office to change the energy around. Move pictures onto different walls. Put things in closets and take things out of storage. You can plant flowers and flowering bushes as well as vegetables where you eat the flowers such as cauliflower and broccoli.

May 29 – Moon in Libra, VC 4:20 pm. Write down last nights dreams so you can find the messages hidden within them. Have a brainstorming meeting or work in a team. Take a friend to lunch. Keep planting flowers and plan your weekend’s gardening. Relax tonight with a romantic or silly movie.

May 30 – Moon in Scorpio. This is the weekend to plant – the Moon is in a fertile sign and increasing in light. It is especially good for growing plants whose seeds are outside, like strawberries, and leafy vegetables. The Sun and Mercury meet telling us that this retrograde period is hallway over. Catch up on your journal entries.

May 31 – Moon in Scorpio. Keep planting and transplanting. Don’t put it off for next weekend as that one has a barren moon. The Sun and Neptune are in a dance and will get you dizzy as they whirl. It is easy to be misunderstood, as each person will latch on to a different meaning of a word or phrase. Find time to meditate

ALL Text by Arlan Wise, please visit website, sign up for classes and more



we came together searching peace of mind

a piece of your heart an a piece of mine

I had my dreams and you had thine

we thought our lives could intertwine

But Baby you said never mind

it will have to be some other time

you have your storm an I have mine

but I wish I could hold you while you cry


I’d love to see you in the open field

all the magic places we’d said we’d go

seeking flowers in the hidden ruins

making potions from their tender yields 

I wish I could hold you while you cry


your skin burns so much I can’t come near

it seemed so right but there’s so much fear

I don’t know if we’ll ever bear

the weight of grief enough to form a scar

I wish I could hold you while you cry


you know I want to hold you close

and have your arms around me too

It seemed so right will it come to pass

I wish I could hold you while you cry


I’ll sing you songs and pray you heal

all the wounds that have hurt you so

I don’t know if I’ll ever be the one 

I wish I could hold you while you cry


rebecca's snow crocus

photograph by Rebecca Gilbert, Native Earth Teaching Farm Martha’s Vineyard

The first weeks of April are unpredictable and unstable. The month begins with a lunar eclipse on April 4 at 14 degrees of Libra. This activates the Uranus-Pluto conflict and insists on action. The area in your chart that has Libra will feel a need for change. This volatility lasts for days as the Aries Sun contacts Pluto and then Uranus to maintain the tension. You will be forced to break free from at least one restriction in your life.

Jupiter ends his retrograde period and now begins his sweep through to the end of Leo. He brings all good things to the part of life indicated by where Leo sits in your chart. He wants you to shine.

The energy calms down once the Sun enters Taurus on April 20. It’s a time to enjoy Spring in all her beauty.

April 1 – Moon in Virgo. Start the new month by taking care of all the repairs that got put aside over the winter. Make appointments for your health care and check ups for your pets. Make a list and get everything done today since you’ll be spinning your wheel tomorrow. It’s a good day for therapy – both physical and emotional.

April 2 – Moon VC Virgo. It’s a down to earth day when you’ll want to wander around and take care of practical matters. Edit your writing or fine-tune your craft projects. Today is one of those days when Jupiter bestows his beneficence, so take time to live for the moment and be on the look out for good things that come to you. Accept them with gratitude.

April 3 – Moon in Libra. Relax since you can’t get much done on a day before an eclipse. The important issues will still be there next week.  It’s a good day and evening to socialize. It’s also a good day to get rid of the objects in your house that you don’t want to look at any more. Out with the old stuff to make room for the new.

April 4 – Moon in Libra, VC 1:56 am. The lunar eclipse happens this morning and since the Sun is up we won’t see it but it will affect the energy of the day. It’s best to throw away any plans you’ve made and be ready for change. You need to have some important one-on-one talks with the major players in your life. It’s an auspicious day for spiritual practice.

April 5 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 3:04 pm. The Sun and Pluto bring up underlying tensions. If you can’t let go of attitudes and old worn out patterns of behaving, you will have another round of conflict over the same old individual freedom vs. control stuff. You need to assert your identity while not causing damage. It’s a volatile day, so stay safe.

April 6 – Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Uranus meet to continue the call for change. You can shoot into your future at warp speed if you have done a good job these past few days of letting go of what over and done with. Don’t let fear hold you back. You have a lot to say and it’s important to say it. Be careful if you are near anything flammable or explosive and keep your temper in check.

April 7 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 4:42 pm. Pick up the pieces and discard the useless remnants. Mercury comes along to challenge Pluto and give words to the insights and feelings you had on Sunday. You have another chance to change your mind. Fight any negative thoughts and emotions that arise to hold you back. Be innovative and inventive in your communications.

April 8 – Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter ends his retrograde movement and turns direct today. He gives you a boost of enthusiasm and encouragement. Surprise those around you by saying what you think and speaking your mind. Jupiter wants you to travel, explore, study, and experience new things. He tells you to make plans to make those things happen.

April 9 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 1:42 pm. It’s a fiery day when you can ride the energy that is abundant and positive. It’s a day when you’ll see the glass as more than half full and believe that all things are possible. Get outside and walk some new paths and try a different form of exercise. Make a new friend.

April 10 – Moon VC Sagittarius, VC 8:47 am. The Sun and Mercury meet to fire up your brain with original ideas. You’ll want to put try them out immediately. You can finish up the workweek by reorganizing your priorities and setting new goals. Do you have your taxes ready? Today’s moon can help you sit down and get it done.

April 11 – Moon in Capricorn. Today is far enough from last week’s eclipse so that what you accomplish will stay done. Take another step along your career path. Venus enters Gemini to give your mind more emphasis and let you reconnect with a love of reading and writing. Pick one thing that is giving you anxiety and work on bringing it to a resolution.

April 12 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 1:44 pm. You won’t feel like relaxing so use the morning to clean up, organize, and discard old stuff. There is sweet artistic energy that is good for working on a hobby or major opus. Treat yourself to some new art or photos to hang on your walls to change what you look at every day.

April 13 –Moon in Aquarius. Let the choices you make today be ones that move you into the future. You can think with objectivity and make good decisions. Find a way that you can get involved in work that helps the community. Don’t try to win an argument, as everyone feels stubborn under this moon.

April 14 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 3:45 pm until 4:12 pm when it enters Pisces. Mercury moves into Taurus this evening and brings your thoughts down to earth. You’ll be thinking of ideas for gardening. Write that speech, finish up the applications, and outline proposals while your mind is sharp. You should relax tonight with some chanting or mediation.

April 15 – Moon in Pisces, VC 5:37 pm. If you’ve waited until the last minute to send in your tax returns, be sure to double check them. Venus, who represents money, stands opposite to Saturn, and they won’t let you get away with doing anything less than perfect. They show you where you have to cut back and make a budget. Do tomorrow’s work today.

April 16 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 5 pm. Pluto is standing still getting ready to go retrograde late tonight. It is a day for deep contemplation on what is over and needs to be discarded. You need to see where you are clinging to what is no longer of use. Your intuition is strong today and will help you see this. Avoid power struggles tonight.

April 17 – Moon in Aries. You’ll still be vibrating from Pluto’s action last night. It’s also the dark of the moon so allow yourself to slack off a bit. Mars and Jupiter entice you to pay more attention to your sensual self. They want to add beauty to your life. Be a bit selfish and pay more attention to your own needs and desires.

April 18 – Moon in Aries, VC from 2:57 pm until 5:31 pm when it enters Taurus. Today’s new moon brings one last blast of fiery energy. It can help you transmute from being ego centered to an awareness of being a soul. This is one of the best new moons for starting fresh enterprises and putting plans into practical operation.

April 19 – Moon in Taurus, VC 7:06 pm. Today is the last day of Aries. The Moon is urging you to reduce speed and get ready for the sensuous slowness of Taurus with its appreciation of the beauty of nature. Venus and Neptune give you an added aesthetic sense to create and value artistic things. Do tomorrow’s important work today.

April 20 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 7:28 pm. The Sun enters Taurus 5:42 am. Get a head start on your planting under this fertile moon. Imagine your ideal garden and try to make it happen. You can’t accomplish much on this transition day so do the minimum and take time to get outside and enjoy the season.

April 21- Moon in Gemini. Since the day is sandwiched between two VC days, you have to do it all today. Words will flow out of your mouth and hands making this a great time to get all your communications sent. Once you get started you will do a good job and be able to finish the task. Call or email or text friends you haven’t seen in a while.

April 22 – Moon VC Gemini. Let today be get rid of clutter day. Go though all those piles of magazines, journals, letters, bills, and newspapers and recycle. Clean out your inbox. Organize your photos. Take inventory of your printer ink, paper, pens, and make a list for your next order or shopping trip.

April 23 – Moon in Cancer. The energy is perfect for starting seeds and transplanting seedlings. It’s also a good day to get your home improvement projects started. You can nurture and soothe people and help them with their worries and anxieties. Expand your home by adopting a pet. Do your food shopping today.

April 24 – Moon in Cancer, VC 1:04 pm. Do any planting you want to do today since the weekend has a barren moon. It’s good time for growing all kinds of things. Start the weekend early and take care of those who you need to take care of. Invite family to a home cooked dinner so you can discuss any family problems. Donate to the food bank.

April 25 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 9:13 am. This is a weekend to have fun. You want to play and party. Take the family, loved one, or best friend for a surprise magical mystery tour. Find an amusement park, a beach, or some great hiking paths and have a good time. If you stay at home, invite friends over for an impromptu party to play games like charades.

April 26 – Moon in Leo. Continue having fun. You can catch up on your responsibilities tomorrow. Let yourself shine today by performing or showing your art or just being your loving self. Make sure to do something different, something that brings joy to you and your loved ones. Smile at everyone you see. Get a head start on tomorrow’s important work.

April 27 – Moon in Leo, VC from 10:12 am until 9:07 pm when it enters Virgo. Get up early to take advantage of the available workable energy. Once the Moon turns VC you’ll be in a holding pattern and will do best in reviewing and polishing up last week’s work.  Go back to old ideas and see which ones are viable.

April 28 – Moon in Virgo. Today and tomorrow are the days when you want to work, work, and work. You will get good results when you do. The Sun and Moon are both in earth signs and help you ground your visions and make your dreams a reality. You’ll see what is possible and be able to manifest those ideals into form.

April 29 – Moon in Virgo. You have a critical eye and can see the flaws that are all around you. It’s a good day to edit, organize, and aim for perfection. Do some studying and information gathering about your health issues. Start a new diet and do more exercise.

April 30 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 8:23 am until 10:03 am when it enters Libra. Once you take care of the details of the day you can spend the rest of the time doing things that make your environment beautiful. Get rid of any reminders of winter by putting flowers around inside the house or office. Rearrange your furniture to produce better feng shui.