When you were four

and I was three

we licked each others faces

and giggled (we did)

you had chocolate fingers

and I had vanilla

courtesy of Cadbury’s cookie fame

we delighted (was there any other way)

in our delicious differences

innocence and children and chocolate

combined in sticky bliss

Monica Miller 2014

Opus Oils recently launched a brand new scent collection called the Chocolate Love Coffret. It consists of 4 decadent delicious fragrances, White Chocolate Delight, Dark Chocolate Royale, Violet Lilac Dream and Raspberry Rose Rapture described below. I am completely mesmerized by these fragrances (that means they are good, very very good)..deciding on favorites is hard and I may have to go with “whole collection” on this occasion. I really really love them all. The White Chocolate stood out for me at first testing as it has a floral spicy chocolate richness that is just tooooo deliciously sexy. But on second testing the Dark Chcolate is just as lovely… and different..dark pure chocolate, bittersweet with woods and resins. You will want them all! The Raspberry Rose Rapture is just like an enrobed chocolate raspberry fondant that you might find in the very best boxes of assorted chocolates and Violet Lilac Dream is the same if violets and lilacs were made into a fondant (they should be) All of the chocolate perfumes are amazing animals and deserve your full attention. Truly a masterwork collection.

WHITE CHOCOLATE DELIGHT – Decadent, Sweet & Indulgent Creamy, & Delightfully Delicious, With a Soft Musky Vanilla Dry Down That Is Positively Voluptuous

DARK CHOCOLATE ROYALE – Mysterious, Dark & Sultry A Swoon-worthy, Addictively Sexy, Rich Dark Chocolate Liquor Nestled On Top Of Deep Amber & Dark Woods & Hints Of Otherworldly Ambergris

VIOLET LILAC DREAM – A Luscious & Mysterious Delicacy  Sweet Lilac & Candied Violets Are Caressed By Creamy Chocolate With A Ginger Sugar Twist

RASPBERRY ROSE RAPTURE – Luxuriously Rich & Seductive
A Mouth-Watering Blend of Marc de Champagne, Juicy Red Raspberries, Heavenly Rose Absolutes (Moroccan & Bulgarian) & Decadent Chocolate That Is Simply Irresistible…

 Sample ALL of the chocolate perfume collection by Opus Oils Here


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secret sacred

I would cover him in chocolate and oud

rare oils that glide along his spine his chest his neck

I would scent the whole of him

with the blood of slain dragons from fevered dreams

of warriors and sirens singing in the waters deep

I would kiss him with flowers on my lips

while whispering tales of lovers loved and lost

I would rewrite the whole of him

the exquisite poetry of him

sheathing him in honey and woods

and in the scent of forests

lost forever under the veil of cold oceans

poetry of longing

The Poetry Of Longing, a Perfume by Scent By Alexis

Notes: Chocolate Absolute, Ambergris, Muguet, Black Agar, Smoke, Chestnut, Fossilized Amber

To Order: Contact Alexis email 

Perfume Poem: Alexis Karl 2014

scent by alexis

Painting: The Trauma and Terror Of Leaving by Ken Weaver



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kintsugi-9Yes you are

complete and perfect

like a piece of Kintsugi Art

when your broad hand cups my throat just so

I am invisible

but you found me

and made the unseen seen

with your magic words unspoken

I saw a stone roughly the size of a robin’s egg

incandescent in its blood pink shine

polished in the shape of a heart

I thought I’d lost it


you are perfect

with gold seams filling the cracks

of your broken places

thank you

for doing your best

amidst the dissonance of new beginnings

now can you tell me

how much does the seagrass love the sand?



copyright Monica Miller 2014

photo: unknown, please advise.



Was it you, Sister that I saw on the other side of night?
the scorched fabric of your dresses were so far ahead I couldn’t tell 
but a trail of smoky amber perfume told me it was you
I saw pin prick droplets of Dragon’s Blood and followed your footprints for a while

and I heard haunting vocals
they brought comfort to me in that strange place
like the scent of myrrh from your curls
is it true that honey is the gift most prized by immortals?
I remember when your perfume Secret, Sacred, Cyphered was worn by the most stylish of vampires
Like Lucy‘s Clarimonde 
and her closest friends
my bottle is empty now except for the silky lining of scent inside
I open it sometimes and breathe in your dear memory

Scent By Alexis Purchase Here

Monica Miller 2014

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