she means to love you
she is sharpening her claws for just such an occasion
I hope you don’t mind
it shouldn’t hurt too much
and her soft fur and warm purr will make up for the painful beginning
she smells of jasmine
warmed in honey
mixed with morning dew from the orange tree
she walked all over the sandalwood and dipped her tail in the vanilla perfume
so she smells of that too
you know you want her
and you’ll put up with a little discomfort
she’ll retract her claws eventually 

Monica Miller 2014

honey velvet and sweet pea

What we are wearing: Honey Perfume by Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery, PerfumerLaurie Stern, Poetry Muse: The Purrfumery’s own Kitty Buttercup.

perfume tinctures



china doll

Watch how her eyes opaque and her throat swallows  

with your flippant words

did you really mean to insult her?

we will never know the complexities of  human mind


“that’s funny that you would say that, and to me”

and she turns her face away


what do we see

a tattooed woman

a china doll

a mama’s princess

a hearts delight


what happened to her?

I can tell you what her skin feels like now

(creamy soft),

and her hands hold with strength

her eyes flash bright and fierce

do you think you know her?

by what do you judge her?





2014-10-05 15.23.07

The garden does not lend itself to books

preferring instead the direct revelation of nature

a crumb of soil has more intelligence

than a thousand pages






I dreamed this one for me

I wrote it down for you

before I went to sleep last night

I asked my brain to ask my heart

what is my hearts desire?


my dream showed me this

I lifted my shirt to lay naked in the garden

my heart pressed deeply into the soil

my chest cradled in the earth

breathing her sweet scents

people walked around seeming not to notice

feeling their own connection to the garden


what is my hearts desire then?

to feel my heart against the soil

individual caring for earth

community sharing our earth

a place in the garden for all


you think you have sinned

we are all sinners

the biggest sin we have is to abandon ourselves and our inner longing

all we have is time

the tick tick tock

and the stillness in between

what matters is opening the windows of our hearts

and setting free those tiny buzzing wings beating against the glass

can you hear them?

that is the lovers call to action

you have words to express

letters to write

peaceful friendships to reignite

Ignite them!!!


I suppose I should say something about the bees

well I’ll tell you this

on the 12th day of the twelfth month in the year 2012

we planted a peace vase

by the crossroads

before they built the roundabout

we prayed for peace

I prayed for the bees

that I could learn how to take care of them and find some answers

a teacher did come to teach me

and the bees are still here, hanging on, waiting for us to come to our senses


I will tell you something else

if you pray for peace be prepared

to fall apart

because the things that aren’t peaceful will be burned away

as the I Ching says

if he sees good in others he imitates it

if he sees faults in others he rids himself of those faults

there are things we can all do that are easy

like use less chemicals, think before we buy, think before we spray, before we consume and waste too much

and there are hard things

like opening a calcified heart, dealing with pain and grief and loss

starting again with all the broken pieces

we still have time

the stillness between the tick tick tock

lets shape those shards into a mosaic of peace

many hands make light work

I’ll meet you in the garden