#6 Prosperity Series… Ever Green Forest Incense…by Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magical Arts…

Incense has always been a sacred offering
A carrier of prayers
Calming the mind , inspiring the heart
Healing the body
Incense is an ancient and transformative art form.
Take the time to experience the alchemy of incense ….
From the living creations of Earth and Water
Transformed by Fire
Released into Air
To inspire the Spirit…

Blessings, Katlyn

EVER GREEN Forest Incense

EVER GREEN – Resin Incense Blend Is an incense created to celebrate the Ever Green trees. It has a base of resins and woods with notes of green fir, pine and cedar. Fresh and invigorating it is filled with the scents of the wilderness, of tree resins and growing things.

Burn this incense to let the forest in, and enliven your space with the spirit of the trees.

Can be used as a smudging incense or to honor the wisdom of the Greenwood.


Elemi, Hougary Frankincense, Copal Blanco, Lodgepole and Pinion Pine Resin blended with Cedar tips (wild crafted) , Himalyan Juniper, Grand Fir and Port Orford Cedar, Fir Balsam and Cedar oil

To Habondia, She of Abundance..a Prosperity Prayer



Katlyn Breene Natural Perfumer, Incense Maker and accomplished Musician is the creator behind Mermade Magical Arts.

The beautiful Ever Green Incense arrived with several other samples (thank you Katlyn) and was the scent I was most attracted to in the moment.I liked this incense so much that I put it in a mojo bag around my neck so I could keep smelling it…now there’s a fan for ya!

EVER GREEN Incense… I’m not sure which of the herbs in this incense was so compelling to me…perhaps the green balsams and cedar tips…but what I get from this scent is a sense of wildness..a freedom that I crave this time of year as we wait for spring. The purifying aroma of the green resins as they burn is the perfect antidote to winter fuzz mind…clearing and allowing for future abundance and creativity. If one wants to receive, one must first purify, cleanse the mind… that is what Spring Cleaning is about and how this incense can help.

Katlyn Breene’s stunningly masterful products include incense, perfume oils called Body Incense Oils (of which I tried the Green Wood which is sweet, gentle, very very delicious and perfectly suited to Perfume Pharmer’s Spring Prosperity Accord series)… and music…which can be sampled on her website….it is New Age, mystical and very creatively inspiring. This music is great for people who work at home as I do…and for evening creative work, relaxation and meditation.

To learn more about how to burn hand made incense, to purchase incense burners as well as hand made incense- visit Mermade Magical Arts.

Natural or blended aromatics: All Natural

Image credits: Perfume Pharmer Muse Lily Blue Designs -Tree Mermaid Series

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Flora 03/05/2011 at 2:52 am

That incense sounds wonderful, all the best evergreen notes in one formula!

Justine 03/05/2011 at 10:47 am

Love, love, loooove natural incense! The description of this incense sounds amazing.

Ambrosia 03/06/2011 at 12:29 am

yummy yummy yummy!
But then Katlyn is a real artist……


Amanda 03/06/2011 at 8:21 am

beautiful! I would love to smell your magic~

Cynthia 03/08/2011 at 7:36 am

This sounds very appealing. I would love to try it.

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