White Flowers for the Royal Wedding Series # 8 Wedding Hair… Wedding Dress and a Parfum fit for a Royal Wedding… Chakra 2 Parfum by Therapeutate

By Anu Prestonia *NEW* Perfume Pharmer Fragrance Writer, Hair Specialist, Perfumer in Residence.

The Jasmine flower is a wonder: a small, delicate bloom that gifts us with a complex and alluring essential oil.

Over the years I’ve studied the history and practiced the spiritual principles of ancient Egypt. The powerfully affecting Jasmine flower is said to belong to Auset, The Great Mother deity of Khamit. (This is the name the people of ancient Egypt gave to their homeland).

The Great Mother has dominion over the ocean; her love of nurturing is as deep as the sea. Her fluid movement allows a way around or through virtually any obstacle. She embodies devotion, compassion, receptivity and bounty and is the healer of healers. Some other names associated with the Great Mother principle are Isis, Ama, Yemaya, Mami Wata, Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother Nature. 

When working with Jasmine oil, I know I’m handling something very precious: the essence of ever-present divine love. This intriguing scent is associated not with the frivolity of romantic courtship, but with the deep and abundant love required to sustain a successful marriage and to cherish and care for children.The essence of the Great Mother can also be used to heighten receptivity and intuition. Cowrie shells and crystals are symbolic of the Great Mother. The folds and openings of cowries evoke the gateway to the womb and nature’s sparkling waters are celebrated in the brilliance of crystals. Our bride is wearing a cowrie-shell headpiece adorned with crystals to crown her Senegalese Twists. This ideal bridal hairstyle will last through the wedding night and look fresh throughout your honeymoon, even if you’re frolicking in Great Mother’s sea.

Turn to Jasmine early on during your wedding plans, to help diffuse any angst about the big day. Your honey will know he’s chosen wisely when you summon the calm of the Great Mother to deal with crazed (but well-meaning) family members and overzealous wedding planners. Anoint yourself with perfumes infused with the calming essences of Jasmine, such as Therapeutate’s Chakra 2.  

     The use of a jasmine infused perfume can double as aromatherapy to help you to embody the tranquil power of Great Mother Auset. Remember the goal is to be married, not harried. Navigate your days with the knowledge of flower power and let natural essences work their magic on your body, mind and spirit.  All is in divine order. 

  Chakra 2 a transporting scent, is a modern take on the Oriental accord. Comprised of sustainable Sandalwood, Patchouli, Sweet Jasmine and Blood Orange, this Buddhistic harmony of notes is smoky, musical and grounding to the sacral. When applied directly to the area of the second chakra it supports clearer intuition and integration.    

Associated with the second chakra are the reproductive organs, the hips, sacrum, lower back and kidneys, as well as the body’s many liquids, including blood, urine, menses and tears. Chakra 2 can help to elevate your health and vitality while enveloping you in the sweet and captivating scents of Mother Nature.


Head piece is by www.Beaulonistyle.com.

  Beauloni Wedding GownGown by www.Cassandrabromfield.com 

 Perfume – Therapeutate

Photographer for hair – http://www.Going-Natural.com

.Anu Essentials 327 Gold Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Egyptian Goddess Auset created by Metu the Artist



 Disclosure: Anu was given a free sample of Chakra 2 Parfum for the purposes of this review. This perfume review is a PEER REVIEW, meaning that Perfumers and owners of related business may choose to celebrate a perfume constructed by a PEER, a fellow perfumer know personally to the reviewer or not known personally to the reviewer.

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Skye 03/30/2011 at 12:21 am

I have a huge yen for this perfume now… Chakra 2…

Lisa BTB 03/30/2011 at 8:47 pm

A transporting scent indeed! Chakra 2 is so warm and comforting. Love love love it!

Cassandra 04/01/2011 at 10:16 am

Just Beautiful, write up. I have always loved the scent of Jasmine and Gardenia. Now I know a little more about the jasmine scent.
Thank you so much for including photos of my gowns in this article.

HeavenlyButterfly aka Heidi 04/04/2011 at 12:05 am

I know just one whif of this one will take me away!

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