Brass & Bulldog …a PATCHOULI Parfum by Amanda Feeley for Esscentual Alchemy…. Lead up to Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011, Perfume Pharmer and the Patch Test Bunnies…

 Brass & Bulldog, A Patchouli Parfum by Absinthe Dragonfly, Perfumer Amanda Feeley. Post by Justine Crane, Rebel Perfumer.

Remember Sen-Sen? The micro-chip sized black squares your mom would pack with your lunch when it included a tuna sandwich? Yes, those little things. The flavor was intense, but they did their breath-freshening job well, filling the mouth and coating the tongue with clovey-nutmeg and patchouli bitterness, completely obliterating the awful smell of fish and salami lunches, making the detection of flavor nearly impossible for the remainder of the day.

Brass & Bulldog opens with an intense Sen-Sen hit, patchouli and spices dominate and then give way to buttery roses and lavender, and hovering notes of vetiver, chocolate and saffron.

This scent immediately transported me back to my third-grade class. Images of my teacher, Mrs. Ford, crowd into consciousness. And there she is, patting her ginger bouffant and stirring a pot of Mexican chocolate on an electric burner, its creamy cocoa and spice fragrance filling the air and mingling with the scents of coarse brown paper, crayon, and cedar pencils.

I can hear the squeaking of the floor in the little school bungalow as the children gather around the steaming pot, waiting for their turn to taste. I see the piñata’s hanging from the ceiling; red, green and white streamers everywhere.  I’m back there, back near the beginning of me, studying Mexican history.

Leather Goods, Shoes by Calleen Cordero.


Disclosure: Brass and Bulldog kindly drove himself over to Justine Crane’s house to be sniffed. He didn’t charge her anything for this honor. Justine sniffed for free…. Bulldog’s MAMA and Justine are friends. In the spirit of Fragrant fun and dog sniffing, consider yourself fully disclosed.


  Dog images:¤t=Doris.jpg

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04/10/2011 at 8:24 am

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JoanElaine 04/09/2011 at 8:07 pm

Brass & Bulldog sounds wonderful! I loved hearing about the memories that it stirred up for you.

Amanda Feeley aka AbsintheDragonfly 04/09/2011 at 8:16 pm

This sounds like a fun teacher, Justine :D

Brass and Bulldog was a big experiment for me, at the time of it’s conception and birth. I’m so glad that it brought you enjoyment, and I thank you for your kind and generous words on B&B’s behalf!

Monica 04/14/2011 at 6:06 am

Amanda is a natural painter, a singer of scents.. her instincs are inspired!

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