Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011 OVERALL WINNER AND Islander’s Choice Awards! PLAP!!!

…and you KNOW I really DO wish you were here!!!

…….Drumroll please…..


of Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011

Perfume Pharmer and the patch Test Bunnies is…

#13 Wild Child by Opus Oils

…we are still waiting for ONE Patch Test Bunny to give her top 3 and then we will know the OVERALL 2nd and third place winners…. so stay tooned!!!

And our Project Winner Banner will be ready soon.

the Martha’s Vineyard Islander’s Choice Awards go to..

 #3 Go Ask Alice by EnVoyage Perfumes!

#13 Wild Child by Opus Oils

and a tie for 3rd place #11 & #14

Bodhi Sativa

by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz  for DSH Perfumes 

and Royal Water by Rodney Hughes for Therapeutate Parfums…

PLAP! PEACE-LOVE-and-Patchouli!

Sample Boxes of all 13 Patchouli Perfume Samples are available- to order email Monica 

$65 for all 13 perfumes including shipping in the USA or $35 for top 7 PLAP perfumes including shipping in USA

 $35 for the TOP 7 PLAP perfume samples, email Monica to order

 Images: Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magickal Arts designed the award banner.

Postcards are copyright MV Postcards Bill Ewart.

Summer of Patchouli LOVE poster is by Elizabeth Whelan.

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Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly 08/03/2011 at 4:03 pm

Hey Congrats to everyone! THis was such a wonderful project Monica! Take a bow!

Kedra 08/04/2011 at 3:42 am

Yes – this was an absolute blast! I will now & forever always wear Patchouli in the Summertime, it just seems like the RIGHT thang to do…!!!! Thanks so much Monica et all for the Sweet Scents & Memories!… Mucho PLAP to Everyone!!!! XOXO

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