Samhain…Witches New Year…Halloween…by Natural Perfume & Incense Maker Katlyn Breene

A taste of the magic from the BoneDance Fire Circle, offered with love, in peace, and with the utmost respect…. this is an MP3 recording of a Samhain Song

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So Speaks Hecate at the crossroads”
(From Desert Moon Circle Oct Full Moon 1997-2011, fyeo)

“It is time!
Darkest night, when I come to guide
Through this 3 way place, through this underworld.
Hecate, Goddess of transformations,
of sacred comings and goings-

Gather, and pour into the crafted cauldron wine of black grapes, milk from a black goat, herbs of such appointed powers, they grow in moon light only, blend in soma that fleshy fruit of the moon tree-
soma that opens to us the wisdom in the darkness, the wisdom in Hecat’s brews, the wisdom in yourself-

You cannot stay long in this 3 way place, it is a transition place,
A place where one way ends-
You can veer to the right or veer to the left,
but veer you must, transform you must!
For here one way ends…

Prepare to lose yourself.
And to end something, to end something::
a stage, a mask, a mourning, a bond, a dream, a day…
Prepare for death, for this is a killing place.
Death-dealing is part of my gift.
Use your birthright:
The eye that I, Mother Hecate has willed you.

Use your dark wisdom, your insight eye,
And look right into the Truth.
Stare to death anything that needs to die.
Stare to death what ever strangles or impedes your Becoming!
Do not hesitate!
Kill, but with great love for the dead!
Consume and extinguish, go ahead-
But lay to rest with honor and love.

Maintain right relationship,
Be on good terms with what you kill, respect it and its gifts
For the past ever lives on in you!
These are the endings which bring hope and new life…

I will take your sacrifice, cut by the shears of fate.
I will take your fear to the fire!
And at some time or other, I will ease you out of yourself,
And with the leavings, make more life!”

Art Poetry and Song by: Katlyn Breene
Mermade Magickal Arts (since 1984)

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