Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume Version A or B? by Opus Oils for Perfume Pharmer

Fabulous Perfume NEWS!!! Perfume Pharmer is set to launch an ALL NATURAL High End Fruity Floral Strawberry Perfume concocted, brewed and otherwise the intuitive brainchild of Perfumer Kedra Hart of Opus Oils!

Why is such a perfume needed?

Because there ISN’T one that smells like Strawberry Passion A OR B…

HOW is it different?

It is ALL NATURAL and fabulously loaded with costly aromatherapeutic ingredients that will:

1) Warm the cockles of your heart

2) Be of great comfort acting like a “fuzzy pink blanket” in times of stress, and simply yummy during good times…

3) Create an insatiable appetite with one’s beloved for your beautiful sexy self!

4) Is child/ pregnant lady/ nursing lady/ sensitive / health concerned person.. friendly

5) Smell fabulously  high end and awesomely delish!

What is the Strawberry Passion NEWS right now 4/15/2012 ?

Strawberry Passion is being sent to BLOGGERS so they can vote on WHICH they like best / which they think Perfume Pharmer should launch CREAM or GREEN / and write up little bloggy notes about it.

What’s in it? See below for main notes:

Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume A ~ Strawberry Passion GREEN

Top Notes – Pink Pepper/Red Mandarin/Bergamot/Tangerine/ Lemon/ Natural Ivy Accord

Middle Notes - Rose/Tuberose/Boronia/ White Water Lily/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord

Base Notes – Green Tea/ Amber/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Vetiver/ Oakmoss/ Beach Found Ambergris

Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume B ~
Strawberry Passion CREAM

Top Notes – Bergamot/Tangerine//Red Mandarin/Pink Pepper

Middle Notes – Boronia/ Rose/Tuberose/Jasmine/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord/ Natural Raspberry Accord

Base Notes - Amber/Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Sandalwood/Beach Found Ambergris

“strawberry lady” painting by artist Mill ~ see banner ad this page

Stay tuned for the Strawberry Passion NEWS!

To purchase your own sample set of A & B click here.

Disclosure: Perfume Pharmer DOES have an association with the business interests of Strawberry Passion.

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Perfumer Kedra Hart talks Passionately About Strawberry Perfume! Custom Design never smelled so sweet!
06/07/2012 at 9:01 pm

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janelc 05/05/2012 at 1:36 pm

Wonderful article, love the idea that foddespecially fruit, is the inspiration for such a delicious fragrance. Well done Kendra and Monica!

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