Hokkabaz by Esscentual Alchemy ~ Own it, Transform it, Alchemize it! ~by Monica Miller Perfume Pharmer, featuring Gus Modeste Art

Gus Modeste Mask 2012-2013

Gus Modeste Mask 2012-2013

Gus Modeste Mask

Gus Modeste’s Art can be found here


Hokkabaz, a new perfume by Amanda Feeley Esscentual Alchemy

Hokkabaz is a natural perfume of the desert. It means “conjurer,” one who creates something out of nothing.

It is dry, dusty, bitter, and eerie.

Will you open up the long resting path?

Will you go down into the dark and see what lays undisturbed for so many years?

There you will find attempts at creating Permanence out of Impermanence. Embalmed, locked frozen in time with herbs.

A wedge in the time stream – a break in the chaos of the Universe…A lasting mark, when all else has fallen away, crumbled into dust.


Notes: rose, vetiver, oakmoss, leather accord, civet, patchouli, antique mysore sandalwood, clove, vanilla, orris, calamus, embalming spices accord

Hokkabaz is my interpretation of Guerlain’s Djedi. Created by Jacques Guerlain in 1926 when the world was enchanted by all things Egyptian.

Djedi, as the story goes, was a magician – a conjurer – who claimed he could raise people from the dead, even those who had been beheaded! Djedi means – β€œHe who endures.” In my research, I discovered that Djedi were great warriors who had mastered the Kundalini energy, and was what George Lucas based the Jedi on in his films (Note the similar spelling).

This perfume is an 50% extrait parfum. The sample is for .5ml in a glass vial with applicator wand. This perfume is a limited edition.


Monica: Hokkabaz is intense, deeply mysterious and delivers exactly as the perfumer intended. I love it, it is satisfyingly dark, melds beautifully with one’s skin and transforms itself into a sweetness that one cannot know without also being intimately familiar with the dark side. It knows things. As I go into a year where my card of the year is Death, I am delighted with this fragrance that is as darkly and wonderfully transformative as Gus Modeste’s Art (above). Now THAT, my Dear, is Sumn’.

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Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly 01/02/2013 at 12:23 pm

Thank you Monica! You captured the mood exactly :) It is a mysterious perfume, and speaks to long forgotten realms in one’s memories.

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