Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery just unveiled their new line of eau de parfum scents, 15% off. And a poem for Songbird.

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Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has just unveiled their new line of eau de parfum scents – luscious, highly dosed versions of their Signature and Limited Edition perfumes – in the most adorable 4 ml and 15 ml spray bottles! Each eau de parfum arrives tucked in a velvet pouch adorned with flowers and its own custom Victorian scent card. 

Why eau de parfum, you ask? Laurie heard from clients that they were looking for beautiful, affordable luxuries, and she responded with these gorgeous scents! Perfume lovers have also wanted to see Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery in retail stores. Velvet and Sweet Pea are thrilled to announce that their eau de parfum line and their super-popular Kittylicious scents are now available for retail sale.

Go ahead, inhale deeply! Purchase Here Type LEAPINGBUNNY at checkout and receive 15% off your order


A Poem For Songbird

My Songbird sings of beauty past

of her home in the mountains where rare boronia flowers grow

where nutmeg trees glisten in the morning dew,

alive with sparkling spider webs in the cats hair rain

she loves me she tells me

and she wants to take me there

to show me all the secret places she used to know

the hiding places her little bird body squeezed into

and the orange blossom cups she used to drink from

she sings to tell me how much she yearns for the scent of cinnamon in the jungle 

and to say how it lives inside of her forever

Songbird sends her song to the stars

she turns her suffering into art for the angels to wear as necklaces

her jeweled notes become rainbow gems around their slender throats

twinkling into eternity

I am yours forever she sings

I am the song of the little ones

the lost and tender

the old and weak

I am yours to love if you will

and yours to comfort you if you let me 

I am ancient, I am today, I am in your heart, I am your song, sing me!

Monica Miller 2014

Songbird Perfume and Eau De Parfum contains: rare boronia, antique Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom, frankincense, sandalwood…and many more pure botanical essential oils and absolutes. Songbird is a sweet juicy scent that uplifts your spirits and gently unfolds to reveal a sensual complex underbelly. Vibrant and alive Songbird will comfort, support and reveal depending on your mood.

The story of Songbird- in Perfumer Laurie Stern’s Own Words

About 14 years ago I was making a custom perfume for a friend and I had her smelling scent strips of my many aromatic treasures. I had a pile of the ones she loved and another pile of the ones she didn’t love. After making my notes on the ones she loved , I picked up the pile that were not her favorites and sniffed them just as an afterthought.  I loved it! Instead of working on her custom perfume, I was much more compelled to start playing with the rejected pile. I worked on it for a few months and was delighted to come up with Songbird! It was spring and the songbirds were singing wildly outside the Purrfumery window and I was listening to a lot of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams on my CD player. It has rare boronia, antique Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom, frankincense, sandalwood and many other essential oils and absolutes. I actually presented her this perfume and she went crazy over it! She’s gone through several ounces of it by now and we laugh about it. I still haven’t made her other perfume!

I like the idea of making something beautiful out of rejection or so called failure.  Also trusting my intuition and knowing that nothing gets thrown away ( metaphorically), because it’s all part of the delicious process.

I hope all of this makes sense to you! I probably wear Songbird the most of any of my perfumes, I love it’s juiciness and it always lifts my spirits.

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