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You have five days to make your New Year’s resolutions, set your intentions and put things in motion. Mercury goes retrograde on January 5 and remains so until January 25. He travels backwards from 1 degree of Aquarius to 14 degrees of Capricorn. He will touch Pluto on his journey and set off the longstanding Pluto-Uranus conflict. You will have to rethink matters concerning your career and examine your ambitions.

Jupiter stops his move through Virgo and turns retrograde on January 7, He has you examine matters concerning work and health.

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January 1 – Moon in Libra. Start the year in a pleasant mood. The day is perfect for casual socializing with friends and acquaintances. Since Moon’s first contact of the New Year is a favorable one to Mercury, it makes for good conversation. Mercury enters Aquarius tonight to bring your mind to a more theoretical place.

January 2 – Moon in Libra, VC 11:23 am. Take care of important communications, shopping, and making orders in the morning. Use this time to full advantage before Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday. Relax in the afternoon and make the most of this light party atmosphere. Enjoy music and art.

January 3 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 2:36 pm. Mars enters Scorpio this morning. Think about your desires and what you want to do this month and this year. Start one or two of those projects this afternoon. You can feel your answers if you sit quietly and empty your mind.

January 4 – Moon in Scorpio. Work long and hard to get things set up on this last day when Mercury is direct. He has already stopped moving so you will feel like you’re shoveling heavy snow, but make the as much progress as you can. You’ll do best doing what you feel personally involved with.

January 5 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 12:47 pm. Mercury turns into retrograde motion at 8:06 am. He is in conflict with Mars and will test how objective you can be when considering a touchy subject. The Sun and Pluto have their annual meeting and tell you to recognize what over and done with and that you need to let go of it. They shake up the status quo and bring upheaval.

January 6 – Moon in Sagittarius. Today is the calm between two stormy days. Take time to process what happened yesterday. Get out for a hike, a run, a bike ride, or go to the gym and work out any tension that’s seeped into your body. Find something to study that will keep you interested during the bad weather times.

January 7 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Uranus are at odds today and you’ll feel their tension. There will be shocks and surprises. Remember that nothing is written in stone and whatever breaks can be fixed. Jupiter stops and starts his retrograde phase late tonight. You’ll lose enthusiasm for some projects and will reevaluate where your life is expanding. Look at your work while you reassess your ambitions and opportunities. Take another look at the choices you have been making.

January 8 – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury enters Capricorn to add to the serious career oriented atmosphere that surrounds you. Venus meets up with Saturn and they show you the bottom line concerning your love life and your money. It’s a good day to work with great focus on making things as perfect as you can make them. Tonight is the dark of the moon.

January 9 – Moon in Capricorn. Today’s new moon ignites the ongoing Pluto-Uranus conflict. You’ll feel like working, not playing this weekend. Find a project that you need to finish and you’ll be happy doing that. Rethink your New Year’s resolutions and make more realistic ones today. It’s a powerful time for affirming self-discipline.

January 10 – Moon in Capricorn, VC from 12:39 pm until 3:23 pm when it enters Aquarius. It’s a day to make things as perfect as you can. Clean up around the house and be ruthless as you get rid of clutter. Visit an elderly friend or relative to have a good conversation and learn from their wisdom.

January 11 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 8:09 pm. Start the workweek by taking one aspect of your work, either an unfinished project, or something you’ve been putting aside, and decide if you will continue with it. Go through piles of paper and discard what you don’t need. Brainstorm with a colleague to look for different ways to approach old problems.

January 12 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 6:53 pm .A day when the Moon is VC all day during a Mercury retrograde phase is a day to be an introvert. Spend as much time as you can inside your mind. Look at your thoughts from an objective perspective but don’t act on any of them. Catch up on the reading you need to do for your job.

January 13 – Moon in Pisces. Today is one of the lucky days in the year. The Sun and Jupiter laugh as they tell you to go ahead and take a well thought out risk. There are blessings for any medical procedure that you need to do. Buy a plant to keep something green in your home or office. Soak in a bubble bath.

January 14 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:31 am until 9:48 pm when it enters Aries. Today is the middle of Mercury’s current retrograde period. If you listen, he will feed your mind with innovative ideas that can advance your career. Do your important work in the morning. You need time to just drift this afternoon.

January 15 – Moon in Aries. It will be hard to hold back from rushing ahead and trying out your new plans and schemes. Channel that impatient energy into doing something that needs to be done. Let the fact that you’ve been avoiding it be your challenge. You can’t convince anyone else of anything today, so avoid confrontations.

January 16 – Moon in Aries, VC 6:36 pm. Give the day over to fun ways of expending energy. Go skiing, hiking, riding, running, or what ever makes you feel good. Be sure to get a lot of exercise today and to wear a helmet if your sport requires it. You’ll feel happiest if you strike off on your own for at least part of the day.

January 17 – Moon in Taurus. Relax today and have a truly lazy Sunday. Forget your diet and indulge in your favorite foods. Think about your possessions and which ones give you joy and which ones feel stagnant. You’ll see what you need versus what you want. Pamper your body with perfumes and good sex.

January 18 – Moon in Taurus. There’s an inspiration for creating and enjoying art and music. You’ll see and find value when you shop. Go to antique stores, thrift shops, and online auctions to find treasures. You can make some smart decision about your finances although you still need to wait a week before you can implement them.

January 19 – Moon in Gemini. Be sure to double-check everything you write before you send it. It is easy to talk before you think and to have your fingers mistype your words. Mercury is mettling with your communications though he encourages you to do some creative writing, the kind that you don’t have to share. Today is the last day of Capricorn.

January 20 – Moon in Gemini. The Sun enters Aquarius at 10:28 am. The element of air takes over now and you can enjoy the life of the mind as we hunker down and move into the depths of winter. Open yourself to embrace new concepts. Seek out something to study and learn about that has been an unknown to you. Reread your emails and texts before you send them. Mercury is playing with your autocorrect.

January 21 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 8:28 am. Spend today and tomorrow cleaning up anything that feels unfinished in your relationships with your family. It’s a good day to check your boundaries with family members and also your co-workers. You my need more distance to let your mind run free.

January 22 – Moon in Cancer. Mercury meets up with Pluto today and they show you the truth you have been denying. They force you to say the thoughts you haven’t wanted to speak. It’s a good day for examination of your mind and rethinking your opinions. You can gain powerful insights if you let go of the safe thoughts.

January 23 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 2:21 pm. Spend the morning cleaning and discarding and recycling things around the house. Make a list of what needs to be fixed. Venus enters Capricorn and she wants to help you with these tasks. The full moon occurs in the early evening. This is the party moon so be sure to get out and have some fun.

January 24 – Moon in Leo. Have a last-day-before-Mercury-turns-direct gathering with friends and trade funny stories of events over the past three weeks. Do something special with the kids, something they’ve been asking for. Buy gifts for your loved ones. Take care of any semi-important business today that can’t wait until Tuesday.

January 25 – Moon VC Leo. Mercury goes direct at 4:40 pm. You have to be patient since you can’t start anything today. Take a personal day if you can. Have an impromptu party at work. It’s a day for a long lunch hour. Play your favorite games indoors and outside. It should be a happy day.

January 26 – Moon in Virgo. Now you can start to clean up, put things in order, and move forward with your plans. Take a deep breath and focus your thoughts and get working. Once you get going you won’t want to stop and can work late into the night. Make a new diet plan, it’s time to start eating well.

January 27 – Moon in Virgo, VC 7:11 pm. It’s another good day to get organized and prepared for the coming months. Y You can see both the big and little picture today. You can correct any mistakes you may have made during the past three weeks and be ready to move on to new projects. Decide on the volunteer work you want to do. Make appointments with your doctor, your dentist, and your vet.

January 28 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 9:59 am. Things go well today and there’s ease in doing business and making negotiations. You can find compromises to thorny issues. It’s a good day to seek legal advice if you need any. Shop for items to bring color and balance into your home and office.

January 29 – Moon in Libra, VC 8:34 pm. There are a lot of thoughts and ideas floating around in the air and they are available to download. If you can quiet your mind you can make good decisions today. Do the things today that you want to do tomorrow, including shopping and seeing friends. You want to have some social contact , even if it’s just meeting someone for lunch.

January 30 – Moon VC Libra. Take a mini-vacation and just do what you want to do. Mercury meets up with Pluto again to and they show you a clearer version of the truth. They want to know what you are planning to do with the new insights they gave you last week. Have some relaxing time with good friends.

January 31 – Moon in Scorpio. This is the day to do the chores and focus on tasks that you need to do around the house. You’ll find the things you misplaced when Mercury was retrograde. Have a passionate session with your lover. Enjoy a good detective novel or video tonight.

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