March 2016 Astrology

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It’s going to be a month of endings and beginnings. The astrological year ends on March 19 with the last degree of the zodiac and begins on March 20 with the Sun’s entry into Aries, the time of the Vernal Equinox. There are two eclipses this month that further this theme of endings and beginnings, of having to decide when to let go and surrender and when to start off in a new direction. The Solar eclipse occurs on March 8 at 18 degrees of Pisces. This is a powerful eclipse as it is near Chiron and the South Node of the moon. Look to where that degree falls in your birth chart and you will see where you must consider if you are holding on to something or someone who no longer fills your needs or harms you in some way. The Lunar Eclipse occurs on March 23 in 3 degrees of Libra. You need to examine the same issue in the context of your relationships.

Saturn stops and turns retrograde at 16 degrees of Sagittarius. He will travel backwards until mid-August. He asks you to appraise your actions from September until now and choose which ones to continue.

March 1 – Moon in Sagittarius. Keep your options open, as this is not the time to make permanent decisions. Look for opportunities, and there will be many since benevolent Jupiter now rules both the Sun and Moon. Choose the path of growth, not limitations. Make plans to travel.

March 2 – Moon in Sagittarius. You may want to goof off and go exploring. The things you find will be very useful to you later on. Follow your intuition as to where to go and what to look up. It’s a day for unusual pleasures. Break out of your routine and treat yourself to something you don’t usually do.

March 3 – Moon in Capricorn. You want to get as much done today and tomorrow as you can. Next week is colored by the solar eclipse and nothing will go as planned. Do what needs to get done, as next week will be a washout. You can make a gentle push towards advancing your career. You’ll see the result from the long hours you put in today.

March 4 – Moon in Capricorn. Stay up late and get it all done. Finish old projects and get all your paperwork in order. Today is the last day when you will be thinking clearly for a week as we head into the eclipse season with its waves of unpredictability. Get rid of what doesn’t work any more, both literally and figuratively.

March 5 – Moon in Capricorn, VC from 11:05 am until 11:22 am when it enters Aquarius. Mercury enters Pisces and he brings your mind into the dreamworld. It will be harder to say exactly what you mean. Mars enters Sagittarius and helps you escape from the emotional prison you may have put your self in. You’ll feel free to grow again.

March 6 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a serious day as it always is when the Sun and Saturn engage each other. Jupiter rules both of their signs so there is ease within the facing of responsibility. The conflict will be in discerning what is fact and what is fancy. Think of the best way to use what you know and to do what you know you must do.

March 7 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 2:08 pm. Today is influenced by tomorrow’s eclipse. It is also the dark of the moon. Do the minimum, hopefully in the morning, and let the rest of the items on your things-to-do list slide. Take a nap if you can and sure to tell yourself to remember your dreams tonight. Quiet your mind and meditate.

March 8 – Moon in Pisces, VC 8:54 pm. Today’s solar eclipse is special because it occurs alongside Chiron and is connected by opposition to Jupiter. There is a great opportunity for healing and growth if you set your intention in that direction. Today is a mystical, spiritual day and you will do best by honoring your spirit. Meditate, chant, pray, and follow your spiritual practice.

March 9 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 2:40 pm. You’ll be feeling the hangover from the eclipse and want to continue your spiritual pursuits until the afternoon. Do an act of service and help someone. Donate to a favorite charity. Once the Moon enters Aries you can begin to begin what you know intuitively you need to do next.

March 10 – Moon in Aries. It will still feel like your feet are being washed away by the tide as it recedes. The Sun and Chiron meet to turn your energy inwards and they give you another chance to get rid of bad habits and heal your ills. They show you how to assist others who are hurting. They want you to listen to your inner voice that has all the answers you need.

March 11 – Moon in Aries, VC from 1:24 pm until 2:44 pm when it enters Taurus. You come back to earth in the afternoon and look around to get a handle on practical matters. You mind is still full of mystical images and it’s a good time to put them into an art form. It’s a night to cook a big dinner and be sure to treat yourself to your favorite dessert.

March 12 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the one day of the weekend to catch up with all the chores and things that didn’t get done this past week. You can be grounded and deal with reality. Venus enters Pisces, the sign of universal love and her favorite place to be. She will soften the hard edges of your relationship and help people be kind to each other.

March 13 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 5:03 pm. Daylight Savings Time begins this morning. This adds to your general confusion. Take a mini-vacation today and indulge your senses. Forget the diet and eat your favorite no-nos. Take a bubble bath in the middle of the day. Trade sensuous massages with your lover.

March 14 – Moon in Gemini. Catch up on and/or correct all the communication that didn’t get done or got done badly last week. Mercury and Saturn challenge you to find the right words for every occasion and to express what you know to be your truth. Venus and Mars urge you to break out of your fixed routine and find pleasure in a new way. It’s a good day to write and to speak up.

March 15 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 1:03 pm until 8:57 pm when it enters Cancer. Use the morning for sending emails, making phone calls, and putting in orders. Work fast and let the words flow. Mercury and Saturn want you to write and express your thoughts. They ask you to think about traveling to somewhere you’ve never been to. Go to bed early tonight and catch up on your sleep.

March 16 – Moon in Cancer. Take advantage of the emphasis on the water element that happens today. Use your feelings to guide you through the day Spend time in reverie over beautiful things. Let the therapeutic power of water refresh and renew you. Swim if you can, walk by moving water, go on a boat, or just immerse yourself in a bathtub.

March 17 – Moon in Cancer. Feed everyone with good food and loving feelings. Donate to the food pantry. Your intuitive mind will find healing words to use when you comfort and nurture people. If you listen, you can hear how to find a solid, secure place to stand while you make some slow but meaningful growth.

March 18 – Moon in Leo. Today and tomorrow are the days to feel free and let yourself have fun. We are at the closing of the astrological year, which is a time for completion. This Moon helps you finish up your creative, artistic projects and get them ready to be shown to the world. Think of how you can create a new life that fits you better than many aspects of this one.

March 19 – Moon in Leo, VC 4:43 pm. Plan a New Year’s Eve party for your special friends. Make it a festivity with no expectations but with lots of love. Look back at the list of resolutions you made on December 31 and see how you want to revise it. Say good-bye to Winter.

March 20 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 1:39 pm. The Sun enters Aries at 12:30 am. Today is International Astrology Day and the first day of Spring. Venus and Neptune dance in celebration and they want you to enter a romantic, dreamworld that is full of creative energy. Start a new artistic project this afternoon. Meditate on the new year that is ahead of you.

March 21 – Moon in Virgo. Although you are distracted by yesterday’s Neptune influence, by the coming Lunar Eclipse, and the change of energy that accompanies a new season, try to work as diligently as you can. You need to do two days work today. Mercury enters Aries and gives you thoughts of forward movement and helps you be a bit more focused on yourself.

March 22 – Moon VC Virgo. The whole day is under a VC moon and it’s the day before the eclipse. Do the minimum. It’s best to go back over the things you’ve put aside and do that dull, detailed work and get it done. File, recycle, discard, clean, and clear out clutter. Fix and replace the little things you see that are broken.  

March 23 – Moon in Libra. Today’s full moon is eclipsed. Let go of whatever prevents you from making balance in your life. Spend some time being quiet and meditating. The Sun and Mercury meet to give you new ideas and new ways of thinking. Jupiter and Saturn offer you their best advice on being strong yet flexible, and on blending your grasp of details with a vision of the big picture.

March 24 – Moon in Libra, VC 4:55 pm. Slow down and try to get your feet back on the ground. It’s a good day to work with a partner or in a team. Try to push on and let those who need to hear them hear your ideas. Don’t wait, keep moving, and get most of tomorrow’s work done.

March 25 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 2:09 pm. Saturn stops and moves into retrograde motion. You’ll feel the tide turn, and be like the boat that is becalmed in the water. You will lose momentum for acting on some of your ideas. Relax and investigate where and why you feel stuck. Venus and Jupiter offer you a lucky break if you have done adequate preparation and lined things up right.

March 26 – Moon in Scorpio. If there has been loss, accept it and move on. You can lay a new pathway and will have the energy to scoot ahead. It’s an emotional day when feelings run deep and you need to honor them. Lay aside negative feelings and go to a place of love. Do any important work or communications today.

March 27 – Moon VC Scorpio. It’s a day to look inward and ponder the meaning of transformation and resurrection. Look back over the month and see what you learned from the eclipses. See what and where you need to let go some more. Spend time with those who are close to your heart. Find relaxation with a good mystery to read or watch,

March 28 – Moon in Sagittarius. Now that Saturn turning retrograde has limited your options and focused your thoughts towards what it is possible to achieve, you must go for it. The Sun and Moon in fire signs gives you the energy, courage, and initiative to start off in a new direction. Start a new exercise routine.

March 29 – Moon in Sagittarius. You won’t be thinking about your little petty cares so much as you will be trying to put your life in perspective within a bigger picture. See where you can expand your life globally through travel experiences, study, or immersion in another culture that you find in your community.

March 30 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 1:45 pm. You must fact check all that you hear and that you say. People will be edgy and ready for confrontations so you want to know the truth of the matter. You can access healing energy through being kind and loving. If you must compete, do it in a gentle way.

March 31 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s a good day to make plans, create schedules, and set goals. Do as much work as you can to take advantage of today’s efficient energy. Keep your mind open to accepting unusual ideas. You can find short cuts to use in doing your daily tasks if you are willing to let go of the old ways.

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