Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011, Perfume Pharmer and the Patch Test Bunnies…PEACE-LOVE-AND-PATCHOULI PLAP!

ALL The PLAP Perfumes/ Descriptions/ Where to Buy

ALL The PLAP Perfumes/ Descriptions/ Where to Buy

Overall Project Winner Kedra Hart

Opus Oils with #13 Wild Child

2nd Place Winner #14 Rodney Hughes/Therapeutate with Royal Water

3rd Place Winner #11 Dawn Spencer Hurwitz DSH Perfumes with Bodhi Sativa

Martha’s Vineyard Island “Islander’s Choice Awards”

#1 Go Ask Alice by EnVoyage Perfumes

#2 Wild Child Opus Oils

#3 A TIE #14 Royal Water Therapeutate and #11 Bodhi Sativa DSH

13 Perfumes


Submission #1 Indiene by Alfredo Dupetit

Submission #2 River Walk by Liz Zorn

#3 Go Ask Alice by Shelly Waddington

#4 Haight and Ashbury by Jane Cate

#5 Bohemian Spice by Tanja Bochnig

#6 Happiness by Ambrosia Jones

#7 Rose Boheme by Charna Ethier

#8 Patchouli Paisley by Lyn Ayre

#10 Tetu by JoAnne Bassett

#11 Bodhi Sativa by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

#12 Queen of Punk by Amanda Feeley

#13 Wild Child by Kedra Hart

#14 Royal Water by Rodney Hughes

13 Natural Patchouli Perfumes

15% EDP maximum, Alcohol Base.

25% Patchouli minimum in the essential oil blend.

Sent to ME June 1st.Decanted and numbered by ME, Monica Skye Miller and no one else.

Sent to Patch Test Bunnies by June 15th…in plain, numbered, plain silver spray atomizers or glass vials …Incognito.

Reviewing and Celebrating, Online Magazines, Hard Copy Magazines, Newspapers…. June, July, August 2011

or for as long as the Patchouli Muses Amuse you.

Perfumes available for purchase at each perfumer’s personal time line, check their websites for details and contact them directly.

Contact Monica to purchase sample boxes of the whole set.

Patch Test Bunnies (Noses)

Marlen Eliot Harrison: Top Perfumes:#3, #5, #13

Nathan Branch: Top Perfumes: #5, #7, #11

Lucy Raubertas Indie PerfumesTop Perfumes: #2, #3, #14

Nava Perfume Posse: #6, #12, #8

Justine Crane O True Apothecary!:#14, #13, #7

Felicia Hazzard Fragrance Belles Lettres: Tops: #13, #14, #1

Donna HathawayPerfume Smellin Things:Tops: #4, #13, #2

Stevie Wilson LA Story:Top Perfumes: #1, #11, #13

Scent Self: Tops: #4, #11, #10

Scent Hive: #5, #10, #11

This Blog Really Stinks:Top Perfumes #11, #2, #3

Eye Liner on a Cat: Top Perfumes #2, #3, #13

Scentual Soundtracks: Top Perfumes: #2, #4, #14

EauMG: #5, #10, #13

Waft by Carol:Top Perfumes: #13, #2, #11

Perfume Pharmer:PP is the record keeper not a patchouli perfume judge.

Ida Meister, Perfumista  #5, #10, #13

David Lincoln Brooks: Top Perfumes #11, #12. #7

Marina Geigert, EIC Perfume Smellin’ Things: #11, #14,#8

Carlos J Powell, Brooklyn Fragrance Lover: #13, #6, #2

Celebrity Patch Test Bunnies

Grammy Award Winning Vocalist Patti Austin

Top Perfumes: #8, #11, #13 (she also said she loved them all!)

Carly Simon says “They ALL smell really good!!!” Now there’s a cool Island Girl Hippie chick for you! Thanks Carly!

Actress Kim Novak Top Perfumes:

O dear! Kim did NOT like our patchouli perfumes!

Academy Award Winning Actress Jodie Foster and Film Director Cynthia Mort

…#14, #13, #11

Makeup by

Broadway and Jazz Singer, Vocal Artist… Simone (Nina Simone’s daughter)Top Perfumes: #5, #3, #1

Author of bestselling novel The Fifth Sacred Thing/Educator, Witch, Starhawk: #14, #13, #6

Jeanne Rose, Author, Aromatherapy Pioneer, Educator.

Jeanne crosses both celebrity and nose : #14, #3, #7

Fashion Priestess, Clothing Designer Lily Blue : #11, #1

Fetish Model..Tiger Powers Top Perfumes: #13, #5, #4

ECO Couture Green Fashions (Queen of Green) Deborah Lindquist : #1, #4, #6

“I liked the lightest versions of the fragrances. To me:
#1 was light and clean,
#4 spicy w/ rose (?)
#6 lemony/baby powder”

Monica: Deborah has a good nose! As everyone here does!

#6 doesn’t dry down to baby powder on me- more sandalwood/light patchouli… so that comes down to skin chemistry… good to know!

Gillian Ferrabee Casting Advisor Cirque du Soleil:#3, #14, #12

Davika Weston,Weston Gallery: #13, #7, #8

Bruce Langhorne: #14, #13, #11

Islander’s Choice Award Top Perfumes: # 3, #13, and a tie for 3rd #11 and #14

Summer of Patchouli Love 2011 Patchouli Posts…

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Têtu Eau de Parfumby JoAnne Bassett

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John Lennon’s Primal Patchouli Scream by Kedra Hart

Ode to Patchouli JoAnne Bassett

Patch Test Bunny Lisa SIMONE Kelly post

Who IS Tiger Powers? Patch Test Bunny

Who is Lily Blue? Patch test Bunny

Memories of the Summer of Love 1967, by Lyn Ayre

That Summer by Magnolia May Polley

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Bohemian Patchouli, Evan Healy

Patchouli Renaissance Shelley Waddington

Patchouli, A Perfumer’s Perspective, Ambrosia Jones

The Story of the Green Monster, Donna Hathaway

Perfume Poem, Opal Tulipiano

No Bunnies Were Harmed, Pharm Marm

Patchai Ellai, Justine Crane

Summoning Earth, Roxana Villa

Happy Earth Day You Dirty Hippie! A Discourse on Patchouli.

Brass and Bulldog a Patchouli Perfume


Tanja’s Personal Patchouli Story, April Aromatics on Perfume Pharmer

Patchouli Perfumed Bath by Anastasia Angelopoulos

Personal Patchouli Story Charna Ethier

Lizard Girl a poem by Katlyn Breene

Shelley Waddington Interviewed by Ambrosia Jones on Perfume Pharmer

Rodney Hughes interviewed on Fragrance Belles Lettres

Charna Ethier interviewed on Fragrance Belles Lettres

Tanja Bochnig interviewed on Perfume Pharmer

Lyn Ayre interviewed on Perfume Pharmer

Ambrosia Jones interviewed on Perfume Pharmer

PLAP!!! (peace-love-and-patchouli)… Go ahead! Give yourself a PLAP on the back, you deserve it!

XOXO ~ Monica And the Pharm Crew,

Home Base for Summer of Patchouli Love 2011 is Martha’s Vineyard Island. MA. USA.

To purchase your very own PLAP box of 13 natural couture patchouli perfume samples email Monica and we will send you a pay pal invoice and a sample set! PLAP! $65 plus shipping.

We also have a limited supply of “Diva Samples” of the 5ml silver purse sprays, $28-$36 while supplies last. Please request the patch number(s) you would like.

WAIT! You CAN save the Earth, Feed Starving Children AND indulge your PERFUME habit…

50% of ALL PROFITS from PERFUME PHARMER sales of Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011 Perfumes go to Starhawk’s EAT (Earth Activist Training) Scholarship fund.

“An Earth Activist Training can set your life on a new path…or show you how to save the world. Green solutions are sprouting up all around us, but permaculture shows us how to weave them together into systems that can meet human needs and regenerate the natural world. EAT is practical earth healing, with a magical base of ritual and nature awareness; teaching that integrates mind and heart, with lots of hands-on practice and plenty of time to laugh.” -EAT Website.